Welcome to mqttgateway

mqttgateway is a python wrapper to build consistent gateways to an MQTT network.

What it does:

  • it deals with all the boilerplate code to manage an MQTT connection, load configuration and other data files, and create log handlers,
  • it encapsulates the interface in a class that needs only 2 methods __init__ and loop,
  • it creates an intuitive messaging abstraction layer between the wrapper and the interface,
  • it can isolate the syntax and keywords of the MQTT network from the internal ones of the interface.

Who is it for:

Developers of MQTT networks in a domestic environment looking to adopt a definitive syntax for their MQTT messages and to build gateways with their devices that are not MQTT enabled.

Available interfaces

Check the existing fully developped interfaces. Their names usually follows the pattern <interface_name>2mqtt, for example musiccast2mqtt.

This library comes with 2 interfaces:

  • dummy: to test the environment and use as a template;
  • entry: example used for the tutorial.

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